Footprints in the Sand
by Leona Lewis





Matt Maupin
Scholarship Fund

Established Expressly for Academic Scholarships
In  Remembrance of Matt Maupin



Captured 04 April 2004                         Recovered 21 March 2008

Love never loses its way home

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724th Tribute Page

I would like to thank everyone who came out to celebrate Matt's 26th birthday. 

We all have to remember our veterans and what they have done for us to live the way we do.  We take so much for granted and the people who have sacrificed their sons and daughters should never be forgotten.  Please, please do not forget our troops are still in harms way.  Pray for their safe return. 

May God Bless.  


Carolyn, Lee Ann, Stephen and Micah



Great American Ballpark
Fri., Sept. 18   
Reds VS Marilns

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 Fallen Heroes Run
Milford to Ripley 
Sunday Oct 11, 2009 12 Noon

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